Peppy Pals is a unique way to nurture children’s ages 2-8 social and emotional intelligence (EQ) without text or language. Our award-winning apps are characterized by high quality visuals and simple, fun and meaningful interactions with our five quirky animal friends.

How to Play

While you play, talk about what is happening and ask questions to the scenarios.

  • How do you think Gabby (rabbit) feels when Sammy (horse) doesn’t share the hay?
  • How does it feel to be sad? How do you look?
  • Sammy and Gabby collaborate in the end. How do you think that makes them feel?


Reggy’s Play Date

Peppy Pals Beach

Peppy Pals Farm

Peppy Pals Farm Free

“My almost-two-year-old daughter loves this! I especially like that it deals with frustration and disappointment, two complex emotions common to toddlers.”


“2 of my 3 children are on the Autism Spectrum. Peppy Pals touches all of them. I have also noticed this has decreased conflicts at home”


“Inspires discussions about feelings and empathy”

PappasAppar, Europe's #1 children's app reviewer.

“The scenarios the animals encounter are relatable to kids, so how they handle them will transfer well to real life”

Common Sense Media

"Great storytelling app that helps juniors develop emotional intelligence"


“Usually games make my kids unresponsive, but thanks to their new digital pet Reggy my kids open up and become more social”

Robert Manns - Parent

As a , here is why you’ll love Peppy Pals


Social Emotional & Learning

Peppy Pals teach kids empathy, emotions and collaboration through humor and hugs.


Inspires Dialogue

Peppy Pals builds bridges between children and parents, teachers and guardians.


No Text – Pure Fun

Peppy Pals is universal – We use no text or language.

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