A rainbow of friends to teach kids respect

By April 19, 2017Blog, Peppy Talks

Just like the rainbow is made up of a bunch of different colors, the world is made up of all kinds of people. For kids to develop healthy relationships it’s important to learn how to respect other’s opinions, and accepting that we’re all different. A good way to do that is to talk about likes and dislikes, which is what this week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” will help you with. 

Exercise: Start the app Peppy Pals Farm or Peppy Pals Beach and enter the drawing scenario. Have your child draw a flower, ball or whatever they feel like using their favorite color.

Ask: Which color do you like the most?


  • Do you know if any of your friends have the same favorite color?
  • Can you like the same thing as someone else?
  • Why do we like different things? Is that good or bad?

Purpose: To practice self-awareness, empathy and social competences

Want to experience more? Once children are starting to become more aware of the different preferences people have, it’s a natural step to introduce them to empathy and concept of sharing. In this shortime video, kids learn the consequences of our choices and how sharing can make a friend forever. The video is also a good starting point for you to create a dialog with your child on these social skills.