Peppy Pals Reggy’s Play Date – A Tamagotchi for Emotions

Peppy Pals Reggy’s Play Date is the third Peppy Pals game where you will join your friend Reggy on exciting open-ended play and learn about emotions. Experience hundreds of feelings, toys, and surprises such as flying sausages and lively water-balloon fights. Whether Reggy is happy, sad, scared, or angry – you can help!

Reggy’s Play Date is a playful and interactive educational game for kids 4-8 years. Create and combine effects and situations ranging from silly to touching and let Reggy become your new favorite pet and best friend. Not only will children learn about emotions, but also empathy and friendship when they take care, comfort and play with their new pet. As with Peppy Pals’ previous apps, there is no ”right or wrong”. Instead, all emotions are allowed.


Meet Reggy, your new digital pet. Become friends and play all day long.

Take care, comfort and play with your friend Reggy and experience a wide variety of emotions.

A FUN way to nurture a child’s emotional intelligence (EQ)


Experience Peppy Pals’ award-winning animations while playing with Reggy.


As with Peppy Pals previous games, there is no text or language. Unlike many other games we use positive feedback with humor and hugs instead of chasing stars and scores.