Peppy Pals Sammy Helps Out

Peppy Pals Sammy Helps Out is a fun, interactive storybook app for kids about collaboration, emotions and friendship. It illustrates the importance of encouraging others, being kind and helping a friend in need. Narrative available in English and Swedish.

One day, the two friends Sammy (Horse) and Reggy (Dog) are out on an exciting adventure when they suddenly face a tough challenge. One of them handles the situation fairly well, but the other friend finds it difficult and a bit scary…


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Peppy Pals Reggy’s Play Date

Join your friend Reggy on exciting open-ended play and learn about emotions. Hundreds of feelings, toys, and surprises such as flying sausages and lively water-balloon fights. Whether Reggy is happy, sad, scared, or angry – you can help! You will love the dog’s engaging body language and facial expressions, and there’s no text or language. A FUN way to nurture a child’s emotional intelligence.


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Peppy Pals Beach

Join five quirky animal friends on exciting beach-adventures and learn about emotions and friendship. Whether they are happy, sad, scared, or angry – you can help!

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Pals Beach is our second game and relies on similar gameplay and game structure as Peppy Pals Farm. This time around the animal friends are playing and socializing in a sunny and colorful beach environment. They’re bathing in the ocean, building sandcastles and throwing water balloons, among other exciting activities.

The four pals from the first game are joined by their friend Kelly, a cat who’s kind at heart but might be a bit stuck up at times. In addition, a curious whale surprises the friends and a mischievous crab is up to no good. Their casual holiday fun is sometimes interrupted or sidetracked by accidents or misunderstandings, but through empathy and collaboration their friendship only grows stronger.

Peppy Pals Farm

Join four quirky animal friends on exciting farm-adventures and learn about emotions and friendship. Whether they are happy, sad, scared, or angry – you can help!

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Peppy Pals Farm consists of three core elements: Emotional Intelligence (EQ), role-playing, and humor. We don’t use text and never lecture the player, focusing on high- quality visuals and ‘point-and-click’. There’s always positive feedback, no right or wrong, and never a game over.

Players get to know four friends with different personalities and likes and dislikes. They need your help in situations ranging from everyday, to adventurous to ridiculous, and in the end it tends to be about encouraging and understanding each other. Peppy Pals aims to help your child become more emotionally intelligent, have empathy, collaborate better with others.