Consequence Analysis – Part 1

By March 9, 2016Peppy Talks

A while back we started talking about decisions and consequences. How that could help develop a sense of responsibility, which is a great part of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as it brings clarity and safety for children. Sometimes we need an example of how consequences from a decision can show. That is why this week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” will help you and your child talk about why people might act in certain ways and what reason they might have. Even if we cannot know for certain, it could be a good thing to think about.


Exercise; Describe the following situation: “Lisa sees a friend play with her tablet she likes very much. When she asks if she could play with it the friend says no and Lisa pushes the friend aside and takes the tablet.”

Ask; What do you think happened?


  • How do you think Lisa feels?
  • How do you think the friend feels?
  • What does Lisa’s face and body language look like when she pushes her friend?
  • What will the consequences be of Lisa’s actions?
  • What price do you have to pay when you push someone?
  • What can Lisa choose to do now? What will the consequences be?
  • What would you do if you were Lisa?

Purpose; To investigate the consequences of various actions and to see alternatives and solutions.

Want to experience more? There are plenty of scenarios you can discuss with your children. Perhaps something happened at school or in kindergarten? Peppy Pals apps about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are also a good way of creating dialog about emotions and consequences. For instance, in Peppy Pals Farm, Sammy the horse and Gabby the rabbit are both hungry for hay. In the scenario Sammy has to options; either eat the hay or share it with Gabby. The first will make Gabby feel sad whereas the second choice will create a happy friend for life. No right or wrong, but simply showing the consequences of ones choices.