Consequence Analysis – Part 3

By April 6, 2016Peppy Talks

I think we’ve all had to handle an angry child at one point. Screaming. Kicking. Crying. I’m also pretty sure you’ve used different techniques to cool off. But when you’re child is defiant, it can be hard to know the consequences. And even harder for your child. That’s why this “1 minute Peppy Talks” deals with the consequences of actions driven by anger.


Exercise; Describe the following situation; “Tom is angry. The last few days has not been as much fun at school as usual. There is a new boy, he is small and cries a lot and Tom feels that the teachers only care about him. For a snack the new boy gets pudding and Tom has to eat porridge though he would also much rather eat pudding! In his anger Tom throws his bowl of porridge on the floor and screams: You are mean and stupid! to the teachers.” 

Ask; How did Tom feel before he threw the bowl? How do you think he felt afterwards?


  • What do you think the other children think and feel?
  • How did the new boy feel when Tom got angry?
  • How do the teachers feel?
  • What will be the consequences of Tom’s behavior?
  • What is in it for Tom, acting as he does?
  • Which alternatives did Tom have to choose from?
  • What end would you like to the story?

Purpose; To investigate consequences if various actions. To see patterns, alternatives and solutions.

Want to experience more? When it comes to anger, a good starting point could be to talk about the feeling. What is inappropriate and what is OK? What can we do when we are angry? A couple of weeks ago we covered the topic of anger. Read more here.