Creative thinking – What should we play?

By July 20, 2016Peppy Talks

Creativity can be one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child. This social skill will help your child look beyond the problem, be able to see things from different perspectives and be inspired to do more. It’s what keeps us from becoming robots. In fact, as the world is getting more automated, creativity is one of the top skills that future managers will search for when hiring. Sometimes doing less is more. Try not to always serve your kids with things to do or toys to play with. Instead, challenge their creativity. This week’s “1 minute Peppy Parenting” is a great and fun example of how to foster creativity.


Exercise: Show the kids an object (not a toy) e.g. a pillow-case or a box. The task is to find as many ways as possible to play with the object. Let them try everything out and play for a while.

Ask: What games did you play?


  • Was it easy or difficult to come up with a game of your own?
  • Have you ever played with this kind of object?
  • Do you usually invent games?
  • What could be good about inventing your own games?
  • When is it also good to be inventive?

Purpose: To strengthen the ability to think creatively – and thereby to train the ability to find many solutions to problems.

Want to experience more? Allowing for kids to play creatively teaches them to challenge their minds and that failure is okey as they try out ideas that might not work out. Playing with blocks, geometric shapes, play dough, paint and other materials that allow for creating or building without a lot of instructions are also great examples of how you can practice creativity.