By December 4, 2015Peppy Talks

Throughout the day we experience various feelings with varying intensity. They can be both pleasant and unpleasant, but they are never to be named good or bad. Children need to know that it is allowed to feel whatever they want. In this week’s “1 minute Peppy Parenting” you will learn how to help kids make an inventory of their emotions.

Emotional Intelligence

Exercise; Sit down in a relaxing environment and brainstorm together with your child about the feelings one can have. Sometimes it helps if you start by naming some emotions you know you’ve recently experienced together; “I know you get upset when I tell you it is time to go to bed”, “Remember yesterday when I dropped you off at kindergarten, you got sad I had to leave” etc.

Ask; What feelings have you felt today?


  • What makes a feeling pleasant/unpleasant for you?
  • What can you do about an unpleasant feeling?
  • Do we all feel the same feelings?

Purpose; To make an inventory of emotions and help your child understand that one can experience various feelings, some at the same time.

Want to experience more? This was a more advanced EQ-exercise that might require some attention from both you and your child. Don’t forget that you can easily practice basic emotional intelligence with your children while on your way to school, practice or grandma’s place. Here’s a good way.