Emotional Charades

By January 17, 2016Peppy Talks

We all know how fun it could be to play charades. When grandpa is trying to act like a donkey or when mom is suppose to pretend she’s dad. But have you ever considered how charades can be about emotions and feelings? How you and your kids kan learn while having fun? This week’s “1 minute Peppy Parenting” is making charades into a game about expressing your feelings.



Exercise; Decide a number of everyday situations; to tie one’s shoes, to scrub a floor, to try to get someone’s attention, to unlock a door – you name it! Write all the situations you can think of on pieces of paper. Then choose a number of feelings and write down these too on pieces of paper. Have your child take a paper from each bowl and act in accordance with the contents; “tie your shoes while feeling guilty”.

Ask; What situation and feeling is being acted?


  • What was most difficult, to guess or to act?
  • How can you see that someone is feeling.. (various emotions)?
  • How do you feel when someone is… (various emotions)?
  • What do you do when someone is… (various emotions)?
  • Does one always know what one feels?

Purpose; To increase the understanding of how feelings can show in the body and how this affects what is around us.

Want to experience more? You can vary the degree of difficulty of the notes with feelings. Help your kids see that non-verbal communication has a strong influence on other people and that it is important that they assume responsibility for their non-verbal communication. By learning how to express emotions through body-language we will be better at showing how we feel.