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Would you like your children to share more of their toys, food or crayons with siblings and friends to make them happy? For them to understand and feel with others? Then this week’s “1 minute Peppy Parenting” activity is for you! Increasing your Emotional Intelligence help kids develop these soft skills – and what better way in a fun way?

Exercise; Have your child make an “empathy antennae” by fastening two pipe-cleaners with aluminium balls at the top of a headband. Explain that this empathy antennae can pick up emotions from other people.

Ask; What is your empathy-antennae picking up?


  • Are there any feelings your antennae can easily pick up?
  • Are there any feelings that are harder to pick up?
  • Are some people’s feelings easier to pick up? Whose? Why?
  • What do you think others’ antennae pick up about you?

Purpose; To make a tool that could be used as a signal to act empathically in everyday situations.

Want to experience more? The “empathy-antennae” is a perfect way of explaining emotions and for children’s to better understand how others might feel. Whenever you’re struggling with explaining for instance when someone is angry, happy or hurt, use the empathy-antennae for your child to “pick up” the other person’s emotions. Be careful to only use the antennae as a positive tool encouraging your child’s effort to interpret and understand others’ emotions.









Source; CASEL