Explaining differences to kids

By September 7, 2016Peppy Talks

The things we like and dislike are often connected to what we think we’re good at not so good at. Being self-aware of strengths and weaknesses is good, but it should not restrict us, and especially not our kids. That’s why it is important to discuss self-awareness and self-esteem early on. Simply praising our kids is not enough to boost self-esteem. Kids need to learn that they can become good at things and develop new/old competences. Learning that you can improve will help kids stay motivated and happy, which this week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” will cover.


Exercise: Start by talking about things you’re good at. “I am good at giving compliments”; “I am good at basketball” etc. Then ask your kids to draw and color their hand on a piece of paper. Help them write down or draw one thing that they like to do in the middle of the hand.

Ask: What did you draw?


  • Why did you draw that?
  • Why do you think we drew different things?
  • Can you like/dislike more than one thing?
  • Why do we often like/dislike something that we are good/not so good at?
  • How can we become better at something? Will that make us like it more?

Purpose: To explain likes and dislikes and see that we have different preferences.

Want to experience more? Self-esteem is something we have to practice on a daily basis. Another good exercise is talking about your child’s self-image. Go back to The evaluation line we covered a few months back and see if things have changed. Is it possible to change ones self-image?