Explaining to kids what being nice means

By April 5, 2017Blog, Peppy Talks

Being kind might feel like the most natural thing, still our children grow up hearing “You look like such a geek in those glasses”, “What an ugly sweater she is wearing” and other forms of verbal bullying. A reason for that is that most kids aren’t able to see the bigger picture and put themselves in the shoes of others. Teaching kindness and being nice is one of the most important tasks we have as parents and teachers. That’s why this week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” is about practicing kindness, perspective taking and being nice. 

Exercise: Start by defining what nice words mean and name a few that you think are nice words.

Ask: What are less nice words?


  • How do you feel when someone uses less nice words?
  • When is it important to use nice words? (Ex. asking if you could borrow a toy from a friend).
  • What are the consequences if you don’t?
  • How can you tell someone that they are talking to you in a mean way?

Purpose: To practice social competences and kindness

Want to experience more? Geting along with others, learning how to make new friends and develop healthy relationships are vital social skills for kids to develop. At the same time we are very good at judging others and jumping to conclusions. By talking about how some people can be very judgemental, children first of all learn to deal with those situations better and secondly to treat others with the same kindness they’d like to receive. Read more about it here.