End of October means Halloween. Halloween brings spooky times – and spooky times can be scary. That is why this week’s “1 minute Peppy Parenting” will be about the emotion Fear.



Why Fear?
Young or old, guy or girl, parent or child – Everybody is afraid of something. Some are scared of creepy spiders, others of the dark and what scares me might not scare you. But fear is completely normal as it is there to protect us of something that could be dangerous.


Whatever it is, it is important to discuss how you could overcome your biggest fear. The best way is usually to get more information. That is why talking to your kids about the things we are afraid of makes it easier for them to understand both themselves and each other.

Exercise; Start by explaining the feeling fear and give an example of how you have experienced that feeling.

Ask; What are you afraid of?


  • Is everyone afraid of the same things?
  • What do you look like when you are afraid?
  • What do you do when someone else is afraid?

Purpose; To name and normalize emotions and increase understanding of how others feel.

Want to experience more? Not only talking about your emotions such as fear but also drawing them usually makes it easier to understand the feeling. This week, Peppy Pals has a Halloween contest where we encourage children all around the world to draw the feeling fear. Read more about how to compete here.