Friends are always there for you. You might not always talk or meet, but deep down in your heart lies a strong relationship. Regardless of age, child or adult, we all need friends. By showing appreciation of each other we increase our sense of well-being and contribute to others feeling good about themselves. But what is friendship? And how do we show appreciation? This week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” will help you to discuss important aspects of friendship with your kids.

Exercise; It is always good to start off every exercise with a playful activity. If you have friends over, siblings or simply some quality-time one on one with your kids you can start off by creating a “friendship-medal” for a friend in the group. Use a piece of carton or paper and write down the friend’s name. Let your kids hang their medal around their friend’s neck.

Ask; Why did you give your friend a medal?

“You get this friendship-medal from me because you…” 


  • What is a friend? How do you make friends?
  • What should a good friend be like?
  • How did it feel to make a friendship-medal?
  • How did it feel to say out loud what you like about your friend?
  • What did it feel like to receive a medal?
  • Do you think it is important to have friends?
  • Can you have different kinds of friends?

Purpose; To talk about and to express friendship.

Want to experience more?
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) helps us be smarter with feelings. High EQ leads among other things to healthier relationships. As a parent, you play an integral part in your kids’ EQ-development, just as play is an important part of learning. Kids won’t learn if they’re bored. Remember that it should be FUN learning about emotions, friendship and collaboration!  Try painting a “feelings tree”.