Helping kids overcome their childhood fears

By June 14, 2017Blog, Peppy Talks

Fear only exist in our own mind, still something that feels so real. For kids this is often more prevalent than for adults, and it’s a phase they go through. A first step for kids to overcome their childhood fears is to practice labelling the emotion. Once they know what the emotion is, you can help them break the challenge in small steps. This week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” is a good starting point.  

Exercise: Start by talking about how it feels to be scared. Give an example of when you are scared. 

Ask: When are you scared?


  • How does it feel to be scared?
  • What can you do when you are scared?
  • What would you like someone to say or do when you are scared?
  • How can you help someone that is scared?

Purpose: To handle the emotion fear and practice self-awareness

Want to experience more? In the storybook app Sammy Helps Out, Reggy and Sammy are out on an adventure when Reggy all of a sudden becomes really afraid of something. You can use the storybook app to talk and show how we can overcome our fears by encouraging each other. The app is accompanied with questions to discuss, the lightbulb will guide you as you read through the story.