I would like to change this

By February 17, 2016Peppy Talks

A child’s imagination has no limit. I remember when I was young, I wished that wars would disappear and that we all could live in peace. I also wished that I could have chocolate for lunch every day and could not possibly understand why mom did not think that was a good idea.

As a child, there are a lot of things we would like to change but we often don’t understand the consequences. As a parent, it is important to discuss what change means and the fact that there is often more than one option. This week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” will help you do so in a simple and fun way.



Exercise; Ask your child to draw something he or she would like to change. At school/kindergarten, at home or anything else?

Ask; What do you think would happen if we changed that?


  • Why would you want to change that?
  • Do you think someone will think differently? The same?
  • What consequences would your change have? Positive? Negative?
  • How would your friends perceive the change?

Purpose; To investigate the concepts of development and change.

Want to experience more? Understanding how consequences arise from different actions is an important part of Emotional Intelligence. To do so, children have to practice and develop a cognitive ability to think sequently – what comes next if I do this or change that? Apart from talking about it, you can play games such as Peppy Pals Farm and Peppy Pals Beach that are based on story-telling EQ-scenarios. Together, you and your child can practice different scenarios showcasing the consequences of one’s choices and discuss.