Improving your child’s self-awareness

By August 31, 2016Peppy Talks

When your newborn slowly transitions to being that cute, little toddler he or she also starts thinking about things around him/her. Who am I? Who is mom/dad?

Self-awareness is a social and emotional skill that develops when we’re between 18-24 months. By practicing self-awareness with your child you will help him/her develop essential social skills such as being aware of feelings of others. He or she will learn that it is not appropriate to scream in a library, to get tantrums in the store etc. This “1 minute Peppy Talks” is a good start in developing self-awareness.


Exercise: Let your kids draw a self-portrait of themselves including eye color, hair color etc..

Ask: How would you describe yourself?


  • What makes you different/similar?
  • How would mom/dad describe you?
  • Is it possible to change what someone thinks of us?
  • What would it be like if we all looked the same?

Purpose: To practice seeing yourself through the eyes of others and see the differences that makes us unique.

Want to experience more? Make sure you explain that being different is something good. We are all unique and there is only one of me and you.  Playing games or watching videos can also help kids develop self-awareness. It helps them think and notice what is accepted or not.