Managing stress

By November 4, 2015Peppy Talks

In relation to the National Stress Awareness Day this week’s “1 minute Peppy Parenting” is about stress – a situation causing multiple emotions such as anxiety, anger, frustration etc. which might be hard for your child to handle.

Why stress?
Stress affect us all. It’s a situation kids will experience growing up that could affect everything from grades, work, sleeping behavior to friendships. Practicing emotional intelligence early on will help your child to better recognize stress and know how to deal with it.

Exercise; Start by explaining what stress means to you and talk about typical situations where you would feel stressed; it could be before a big presentation or simply when you’re running late to kindergarten. Make sure that you explain HOW you feel; does your stomach hurt, are you sweating, panicking, crying, anxious?

Ask; What stresses you out?


  • How does stress make you feel?
  • Is it good or bad to be stressed?
  • When is it good and when is it bad?
  • How can you help someone that is stressed?

Purpose; To enhance self-awareness and shed light on the fact that we all feel stressed about different things

Want to experience more? People with high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are seen to better handle stressful situations. Make sure to use our previous “1 minute Peppy Parenting” advice and our EQ-games Peppy Pals Farm or Peppy Pals Beach to practice emotions. Even 5 minutes of emotional training each day could make a significant change in your child’s future.