“My animal”

By October 17, 2015Peppy Talks

In this week’s “1 minute Peppy Parenting” we’ll be using alternative ways to express emotions –  through animals that your child can relate to!

screenshot Peppy Beach Iggy


Exercise; Let your child draw an animal (or several) that they would like to be today. Make it fun and use all sorts of colors.

Ask; What animal did you draw?


  • What made you choose this animal?
  • What is good/not so good about being your animal?
  • Which feeling do you think symbolizes your animal?
  • Which animal would you not want to be?

Purpose; To enhance self-knowledge and show that emotions are expressed by everyone – even animals.

Want to experience more?
This is an optimal exercise to use our apps Peppy Farm and Peppy Beach as tools. In both apps there are carefully developed scenarios where your child can explore and name emotions that our five animals express. Use the questions for discussions to increase the learning.

P.S How did your map turn out last week – Yellow, blue, red, purple? We would like to know! Comment below or upload your map using #peppypals on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.