My Emotional Patterns – Part 2

By April 20, 2016Peppy Talks

A while back we explored our children’s emotional patterns: How they reach to different feelings and how others might react to the same feelings. Identifying and learning how to deal with feelings is an important part of a child’s development in Emotional Intelligence (EQ). In this week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” we will take the development a step further and think about ways to change the reactions to feelings that are not good for us.

My feelings tree_Peppy Pals
Either use the cards you created in the first exercise or draw new emotion cards. Have your child pick a card with reactions they would like to change. Perhaps they tend to hit friends and family when they get really mad.

Ask; How do you think we can practice and train to change these reactions?


  • Are you happy with the way you react to your feelings?
  • Would you like to react differently? How would that be possible?
  • Which consequences do your reactions have?
  • What would be the result?
  • Is it possible to change one’s reactions?
  • Is it possible to choose a pattern of action?

Purpose; To investigate my emotional patterns, how I react to my own and others’ feelings. To see alternatives to my emotional patterns.

Want to experience more? Talking about feelings and reactions is a good start to developing better patterns for the reactions we would like to avoid. You could also use Peppy Pals apps about Emotional Intelligence (EQ). They help kids explore the consequences of ones choices by letting them interact with animal friends who are out on everyday adventures. Relatable situations increases understanding and makes it easier to talk about.