My Emotional Patterns

By March 2, 2016Peppy Talks

Emotions can be expressed and perceived differently depending on who you are asking and in what state that person is in. One second kids can be screaming of happiness and the next crying out of no reason. But that is all normal. It is part of their emotional development. Helping kids to learn their emotional pattern will allow them to manage and redirect unpleasant feelings. By identifying your emotions you do not have to be a slave under them. That’s why this week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” is about helping your child find his or her emotional pattern.


Exercise; Start by discussing how to express different emotions; Happiness, Anger, Greed, Fear. Draw the feelings together on different pieces of paper.

Ask; How do you react when you feel that emotion?


  • What is your emotional pattern? Look at the drawings you have made.
  • Are there any similarities in how  you react to different feelings? Any differences?
  • Is there someone who reacts in the same way as you do?
  • Is there someone who reacts differently from you?
  • Is it possible to change your pattern?

Purpose; To investigate my emotional patterns and to see how I rect to my own and other people’s feelings.

Want to experience more? Raising children, we have to be prepared for a broad range of emotions and impulses. There are plenty of ways you can prepare together and talk about what might happen. By doing so you will develop your child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The Emotional Intelligence Network 6 Seconds just recently developed a game called emoGAME where you can practice reading emotions, which is a good combination to this week’s exercise.