Now is not later, is it?

By August 24, 2016Peppy Talks


“Mom – Kelly hit me”, “Dad – Ryan ate my candy”.. We all know that the conflicts can start early in life. Learning how to handle conflicts is a social skill our kids will benefit from early in life. There are words that often occur in everyday language that are especially good to know when solving conflicts: IS – IS NOT (to learn exclusion), AND – OR (to understand the difference between exclusion and inclusion) or NOW – LATER (to develop the ability to cope with frustration).  This week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” is a good starting point to explain and discuss these words.


Exercise: Choose a pair of concepts from the above. Give examples of what you ARE and ARE NOT, as if we should have bananas AND apples or bananas OR apples, emphasize that you are playing games NOW and will have a snack LATER.

Ask: Can you come up with examples on your own?


  • When could they be used?
  • Do you use them? When?
  • Why could these words be good to know?

Purpose: To practice the ability to deal with conflicts as well as frustration and disappointment.

Want to experience more? Sometimes these words mean fun things and sometimes boring things. If we are used to them being fun it is easier to put up with them when they are not. By playing with words the kids learn to connect them with something positive. Try and introduce the concepts as they occur in everyday situations and adapt the level to the kids’ degree of maturity.