Peppy Pals Beach – Fun EQ for Kids

Peppy Pals Beach is the second Peppy Pals game and relies on similar gameplay and game structure as its predecessor. This time around the animal friends are playing and socializing in a sunny and colorful beach environment. They’re bathing in the ocean, building sandcastles and throwing water balloons, among other exciting activities.

The four pals from the first game are joined by their friend Kelly, a cat who’s kind at heart but might be a bit stuck up at times. In addition, a curious whale surprises the friends and a mischievous crab is up to no good. Their casual holiday fun is sometimes interrupted or sidetracked by accidents or misunderstandings, but through empathy and collaboration their friendship only grows stronger.



Meet all Peppy Pals characters in this scenario playing water games and enjoying a sunny day at the beach. It is all about friendship, emotions and humor.



No text, pure fun:  Peppy Pals uses no text or language and can be enjoyed by everyone. The characters undergo into variety of adventures and lots of excitement.



Understanding different reactions while playing with different toys



Interactive practice on identifying and creating different facials expressions.



Peppy Pals offers long play time and various scenarios.