About Peppy Pals Farm – Fun EQ for Kids

Peppy Pals Farm is a fun ‘point-and-click’ game for children (2-6 years) about young animal friends. With friendship and emotions in focus the kids interact with them, help them out in various situations and learn while they enjoy the game.

Peppy Pals Farm is rooted in empathy, emotional and social skills and has been created with the help of many psychologists and EQ experts. While Peppy Pals is primarily entertaining, it’s also a unique way of learning and exploring an exciting world without “right or wrong”, set in a relaxed and pleasant environment. Without any language, the game reaches out globally with focus on emotionally intelligent visuals and meaningful interactions.

Please read more below on how we designed Peppy Pals to be unique and innovative.


How is Peppy Pals unique and innovative?

  • Designed for every child: Peppy Pals uses no text or language and can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • Diverse Personalities: The four “Peppy Pals”, are a group of animal friends with distinct personalities, likes and dislikes, to engage the kids with a variety of characters. e.g. Gabby is kind, shy and sensitive. Reggy is loyal, well-meaning and curious. Izzy is quirky, neurotic and often angry, no sense of humor. Sammy is loyal, calm and quiet.
  • Gender: The characters are meant to be depicted as genderless, leaving the gender up to the player’s interpretation. The character names are all “unisex”, for example, Sammy (horse) being a potential nickname for Samantha or Samuel.
  • Character Design: While designing the characters for this game, a heart-shape has been carefully integrated into the design of every character. e,g Gabby (rabbit) has a pink nose shaped as a heart, Izzy (owl) has a face shaped as a heart, Sammy (horse) has a lock of hair that forms a partial heart-shape, and Reggy (dog) has a heart pendant on his necklace.
  • Relaxed and Humorous Environment: The game scenario is set up in a cozy farmyard with a relaxed atmosphere, with much effort put into detailed animations and hand-drawn backgrounds. Peppy Pals also includes humorous scenarios, to make sure kids are happy and in the right state of mind to appreciate the game and for learning.



Peppy Pals Farm consists of three core elements: emotional intelligence (EQ), role-playing, and humor. We don’t use text and never lecture  the player, focusing  on  high  quality visuals  and  ‘point-and-click’.   There’s always positive  feedback,  no right  or wrong,  and  never a game over. Players get to know four friends with different personalities and likes and dislikes. They need your help in situations ranging from everyday, to adventurous, to ridiculous, and in the end it tends to be about encouraging and understanding each other. Peppy Pals aims to help your child become more emotionally intelligent, have empathy, collaborate better with others.

The game has kid-friendly animal characters. There are four parts to the game:

1) Understanding different reactions: Your child can decide which toy or item to give to the character and this character will have a certain reaction to the toy. Your child will be able to identify which toy makes the animal happy, sad, surprised, afraid, and all sorts of emotions.


2)  Scenarios: The scenarios happen in a typical Swedish nature which is all freshly green, blue and bright. There is a story in each scenario, where the characters are having an adventure together. The scenarios aim to help your child make healthy decisions.


3) Identify the face expression: In this section, your child will be able to guess what is the emotional state of the character. It is a bit challenging yet fun!


4) Coloring: We have scenes that are blank from the scenarios, and your child can color the characters and the setting of the picture.

Peppy Pals img02

5) Drawing: Freestyle space where your child can draw whatever he/she desires.


Peppy Pals and its scenarios aim to teach your child social and emotional skills. Peppy Pals can help your child to be able to manage his/her emotions like frustration and disappointment, learn how to show and express empathy for others, learn to be persistent through failure, learn to collaborate well with others, and be able to make good decisions. Research does show that all these life skills can be taught and we aim to help in training them from early stage via Peppy Pals. The game is fun and has a very entertaining and happy sound that was designed specifically for this game.