Peppy Pals in Huffington Post

By March 4, 2016Media, Portfolio

rosie_2014-49I met Rosie Linder a fortnight ago. Like me, she is a middle aged mother with two children. Like me she wants to connect with her children.¬†“I wanted a fun way to talk about emotions with my daughters. If you just ask them, they are very resistant. They feel they are being put on the spot.”

I laughed. “Yes,” my 10 year old daughter tells me I am not allowed to ask her how her day was at school!”

We shared a smile of understanding, both knowing that awkwardness our children feel. To them, it is like being put on stage and being asked to perform.

“So I looked for apps that could help develop emotional intelligence. Something we could play together. Although I could find ones for maths, languages, IQ, physical co-ordination and many others, there was nothing at all for developing emotional intelligence!”

“So I decided to create one,” Rosie said with a twinkle in her eye…

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