By November 25, 2015Peppy Talks

As a parent, you know you play an important role in your child’s development. Children need adults to help and support them through the process of identifying, interpret, categorize and understand feelings. A first job in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is often to become aware of your own feelings, which is why this week’s “1 minute Peppy Parenting” is about self-knowledge.



Why? Sometimes you have to turn inward and understand yourself first to be able to create meaningful relationships with others. Accepting that people are different and knowing what you’re good at help kids understand their role.


Exercise; Sit down together with your child and pass a long something soft like a teddy bear or a ball pretending it is a ship. The one holding the “ship” has to tell what he/she feels right now; “My ship is carrying… (happiness, curiosity, fear, sadness etc.)

Ask; What makes you feel that way?


  • What did it feel like to say what you felt?
  • Is there something you wish you had said?
  • Is it possible to decide what to feel in different situations?

Purpose; To identify and verbalize one’s emotions and to make kids aware that we have feelings all the time.

Want to experience more? It is always important to know what you feel, but you might not always feel like telling. Drawing a feeling can sometimes be easier for kids to express emotions. There are also many great scenarios in Peppy Pals Farm and Peppy Pals Beach where kids and parents can explore emotions together.