By June 15, 2016Peppy Talks

In the stressful environment many of us live in, taking an extra moment to say nice things to each other is often put aside. For kids, its essential both practicing to sat nice things we like in other persons but also hearing others say nice things. It helps them understand how others might feel and appreciate the feelings of others. Compliments and saying nice things is often remembered long after they’re spoken, empowering us. That’s why this week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” is about saying positive things about others.


Exercise; Gather the family or a group of friends. Start by explaining the concept of positive qualities and then brainstorm positive qualities together. Pick one person at a time and bombard this person with all the qualities you see in him/her. The person being focused on should be quiet all the time. No negative comments are allowed.

Ask; How often do we say nice things to each other? Do you usually do this?


  • How does it feel to say nice things to someone else?
  • What do we gain by saying nice things? What do we lose?
  • How does it feel to hear nice things about yourself?
  • How did it feel to be bombarded?

Purpose; To practice put-ups.

Want to experience more? I’m sure most of us give our little ones compliments every now and then. As they grow older they reach new milestones and are encouraged thereafter. Some children might be very shy receiving compliments, others indifference. A part of social and emotional intelligence is practicing giving and receiving compliments. Try and compliment your kids as often as you can, it will only help them to respond politely when receiving compliments as well as being able to give compliments in the future.