Teaching Kids Self-control and Regulating Emotions

By November 16, 2016Blog, Peppy Talks

Self-regulation. Our ability to control our behavior. How many times have we told our kids to “Just wait a minute”, to then get a screaming or nagging child as a consequence? Sometimes we snap at their impatience, creating a circle of frustration and anger, when we instead should encourage and empathize their feelings. Not so often, we hear ourselves say: “I can see that your frustrated because mommy/daddy is taking so much time. You’re being very patient with me”.  That’s why this “1 minute Peppy Talks” is about self-control and regulating emotions.


Exercise: Start by talking about what you see in the picture. What is the boy in the picture feeling? What is he showing?

Ask: How can you do to control your feelings? Remember to share how you usually do.


  • Why is it good to learn how to control our emotions?
  • When can you use it?
  • Can you think of moments when you don’t have to use self-control?
  • Can you think of moments when you’ve failed to control your emotions? What were the consequences?

Purpose: To practice self-control and think of ways we could regulate our emotions

Want to experience more? Self-control is also about practicing the ability to say no to yourself. Start introducing this skill early in your child’s live. It could be as easy as saying they can only have three pieces of candy, even though there’s a bowl of goodies staring at them. Leave the bowl out and let them practice their self-control. Remember to encourage even if they only managed to control their actions/feelings for a minute.