Teaching kids appreciation for a happier life

Appreciation is a social and emotional skill that help kids notice the good things around them and in that way shift their mood and perspectives. Even the little things, like a sunny day, can help improve happiness and promotes positivity. Help your toddler show appreciation by talking about their family or closest ones in this week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks”

Exercise: Have the kids pick a photo of the family or draw a painting of the family.

Ask: What is the best thing about your family?


  • What does it mean to be family?
  • Can we have more than one family? Why/why not?
  • Are families different? How?

Purpose: To practice self-awareness, appreciation and understand differences in people

Want to experience more? You can add on this exercise by talking about different rules that different families have. Some families might have different chords than others, or have different morning routines? The importance is to highlight that there is no right or wrong. It will help your child develop social competences and perspective-taking.