The club for finding things – Practicing imagination

By July 27, 2016Peppy Talks

Effective problem solvers and great group members have one thing in common: the ability to think creative. We’re all born with this social skill, but in order to keep it we have to practice our imagination. Children can have crazy ideas when they play, like pretending they’re astronauts planing their next moon-landing. By encouraging this kind of play and challenge our little ones to be even more imaginative, we can give them a great advantage in life. Try this week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” to see what crazy ideas your kids come up with.

child-imaginationExercise: This game can be played both inside and outside. Start by asking the kids to look for objects that they do not recognize or know where it comes from (a piece of paper on the ground, a lost shoe etc.). Ask them to look carefully at the object so that they remember what it looks like.

Ask: Can you describe an object that you found? Try and create a story as a group from the questions below.


  • What did the object you found look like?
  • What could it be?
  • Where could it come from?
  • What could have happened to it?
  • What could it be used for?

Purpose: To strengthen the ability to think creatively – and thereby to train the ability to find many solutions to a problem.

Want to experience more? When you do not know a lot it is good to use your imagination and be inventive. You could do the same thing if you have a problem; you could be inventive and come up with many solutions. Try and use the same exercise when you and your child encounter a problem.