The Gossip-chain

The last couple of weeks we’ve been talking a lot about consequences, actions and reactions to feelings and choices. By doing so we’ve practiced responsibility, which is a large part of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Children who live in a world of good emotional guides often experience fewer disciplinary problems than others. Their emotions are not chaotic.

It is also our job as parents to teach our kids to accept responsibility for their communication. That’s why the next couple of exercises will circulate around communication, both how we as role models communicate and express ourselves but also our kids. In today’s “1 minute Peppy Talks”, we will start by exploring how gossip can affect our kids.

Source: FluentU

Exercise; For this exercise it could be a good idea to involve the entire family or invite friends. Sit down in a circle or somewhere cozy. Start by whispering a phrase about yourself and let the “rumor” be whispered to the next person. Each person will whisper what they heard. The last person will say aloud what he/she heard.

Ask; Was the last sentence identical to the first one?


  • How did it change?
  • What is gossip? What are rumors?
  • How does gossip start? How does rumors start?
  • Have you ever been spreading gossip?
  • Has anyone been gossiping about you? How did it feel?
  • How can you treat gossip? What do you usually do?
  • Are you influenced by gossip?
  • What could you do instead of gossiping/spreading rumors?

Purpose; To investigate my listening-patterns. To see how gossip affects people. By recognizing my own contribution to gossip I will understand others and I will also contribute to my gossiping less.

Want to experience more? When people lack Emotional Intelligence, a lot of problem can occur at school, home or at work. Backstabbing or negative gossip occurs because of our feelings. It is therefore important to know our feelings. A good way to help your children label their feelings is by using Peppy Pals apps about empathy, emotions and friendship.