The majority game

By May 25, 2016Peppy Talks

When we make decision we are often guided by our emotions. In fact, people with higher Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are more likely to make fewer mistakes. It also means that the person is better equipped to sense and listen to what others are saying. While big decisions might seem far away for your child, it is important to practice decision-making in groups already in early years. This week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” will provide you with a fun exercise to do so.


Exercise; Start by saying the following “Imagine that we are going to repaint this room. We will all agree on what color to use. We will take turns saying what color the room should be, one at a time, and you only get to choose one color”. Discuss each color and decide by a show of hands what colors are out of the question. Continue until you have decided on a color. You can do the same with what you would like for dinner, what game you should play etc.

Ask; What did it feel like to decide something by majority? Was it easy or difficult?


  • What is a majority resolution? A minority resolution?
  • Are majority resolutions good or bad? In what way?
  • Is it always practical to decide things by majority?
  • How did you participate in the exercise? Is this your pattern in these situations?
  • Is everyone happy with a majority resolution?

Purpose; To investigate patterns of how I participate in decisions being made, what different types of decision-making there are and how they work in practice.

Want to experience more?
Decisions are often guided by emotions. It is important for kids to learn about different feelings: What they mean, how they feel in our bodies and how we can manage them. But try NOT to ask them these questions when they’re in the heat of the moment. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. Ask how their day has been and try to see if there was anything that day that made them happy, sad, confused etc.