The mirror game – Cooperative learning

By September 21, 2016Peppy Talks

As kids play, they learn how to communicate and use body language to compromise and collaborate. Cooperation is fun. Mastering these social skills means they can benefit from and apply them in all areas of life. There are great opportunities to practice this in our daily lives, for instance when trying to find that last piece of a puzzle with a friend or working on a group project in school. Another fun way is this week’s “1 minute Peppy Talks” where we’ll play “The mirror game”.


Exercise: This is a collaboration exercise played in pairs (two and two). Start by talking about the importance of both being able to lead and follow one another. Then have the kids (two and two) stand in front of each other and let one of them be the leader and the other one to follow, to be the mirror. Remember to switch turns.

Ask: How does it feel to lead/follow?


  • How does it feel to cooperate?
  • Do you usually cooperate? When?
  • Do adults usually cooperate? When?

Purpose: To practice cooperation and collaboration

Want to experience more? Most of the cooperative skills we see in our children come from us. We are the role models. So instead of forcing our will upon our children we have to invite them to cooperate and turn it into a fun game. Instead of telling your child to get in the car, ask if he/she can hop like a bunny to the car. Always remember to lead by example.