The outside judges

By November 17, 2015Peppy Talks

Growing up, kids will meet many new friends and be influenced by many different personalities. In relation to Edutopia’s article on how kindness can help prevent bullying, this week’s “1 minute Peppy Parenting” will be on how to treat others and how one should react to other’s opinions.

Why? Getting along with others and making friendships are essential skills kids should learn as it affect all aspects of life. Practicing kindness is seen to contribute to improved results, reduced depression and less bullying.

Exercise; The assignment is to ask your child to describe a situation that was embarrassing, annoying or difficult. It could be that someone else caused a problem or that he/she felt ashamed.

Ask; How did you feel and what do you think others felt about what happened?


  • Is it important what other people think about you?
  • Do you care more about what some people think? Why?
  • How do you react to what others say or do?
  • How can you turn the situation into something nice?

Purpose; To be aware of the fact that there are many outside judges that we allow to judge us. By knowing how we would like to be treated and seen by others it will be easier to treat others with the same kindness.

Want to experience more? Even the little acts of kindness will increase your child’s well-being and mental health. Make it an every day to talk about one act of kindness both you and your child did. Kindness is best learned by feeling it. Read more about it here.