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By October 1, 2015Peppy Talks

Hi Peppy Parents!

As promised, we’re welcoming October with the start of our weekly updates on how you can introduce qualitative, emotional learning in your child’s life – and the best part; it takes 1 MINUTE!

I guess you’ve all felt the panic as a parent when you don’t know why your child is upset, crying, screaming… all those heart-breaking scenarios? Those days are over!

This week’s exercise: “Today’s feeling”

Exercise; Let your child draw a feeling he/she has in his/her body on a piece of paper showing the outlines of a face.

Ask; What feeling have you expressed?


  • Which feelings can I have?
  • When does one experience various feelings? At home? In school?
  • Which feelings are nice?
  • Which feelings are less nice?

Purpose; To create an interest in your child’s own emotions and an understanding that it is allowed to experience emotions.

Want to experience more? Download our games Peppy Pals Farm and Peppy Pals Beach where your child will learn more about emotions while going on adventures with our quirky animals.  Use the questions for discussion to interact with your child while playing.

Remember, it is OK to feel EVERYTHING.  

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