Teach your child to manage their emotions 

Play and learning go hand in hand. With Peppy Pals' unique games and interactive stories, we help children develop crucial social and emotional skills while having fun and exploring imaginative worlds.

Our method

A proven concept

We often hear that children love our products. Kids choose to return to the Peppy Pals world time and time again. Get ready for lots of laughter as we always include humor and silly moments in all our stories.

What do the kids say?

When we ask why children like Peppy Pals, they often say it's because they identify with a character and that the friends are always kind to each other. The calm pace of the games and the animals' personalities are also mentioned

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About Peppy Pals

Our ambition is to equip, empower, and nurture children's social and emotional intelligence. Every child has the right to play and grow up in a world where kindness and compassion are just as important as academic education.

Playful learning

Play is a powerful tool for children's development and is at the center of our app. Children learn best when it's fun and enjoyable.

Developed with children. Reviewed by psychologist Bodil Wennberg. Aligned with a research-based standard for EQ.

Encourages conversations about emotions and relationships. Simple questions support you in talking with your child.

Anchored in research

Creates conversation

Children relate to our stories and characters, helping them to see themselves in the scenarios. How can they comfort a friend? Why is sharing important?

Relatable scenarios

EQ helps your child develop an understanding of their own and others' emotions, to collaborate and build strong relationships with their friends. 

High EQ leads to better social and career performance.

What do the parents say?

Parents praise Peppy Pals as an educational and calming app where they know their children are safe and having fun. Easy to use, informative, enjoyable, calm-paced, promoting positive values, and encouraging children to think and reflect on emotions and empathy are common feedback from parents.

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The Peppy Pals app is available on the App Store and on Google Play. 


39 SEK/month

Download the app and register to access Peppy Pals' safe and fun world that helps your child develop their emotional intelligence. 


Drop us an email at support@peppypals.com if you have any questions!

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About EQ

Little geniuses in emotions

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