Coop and Peppy Pals launches AR game

Coop and Peppy Pals new app-game will make everyday grocery shopping more fun for kids.

This spring, Coop, one of Sweden’s largest grocery chains, will launch a unique concept that makes it more fun for kids and families to shop and cook food together. By partnering with Swedish Peppy Pals, an innovative digital play studio backed by LEGO Ventures, Coop will be the first grocery chain offering an Augmented Reality (AR) game in store.

The collaboration is part of a larger investment and an extension of our long-term focus on sustainability. We want to make it more fun for kids to be in our stores and give them a better experience when they are shopping with their parent.

Henrik Staaf, Digital Manager at Coop

Healthy eating habits at an early age often leads to healthy food choices as an adult. But for a parent with toddlers it can be stressful enough to figure out what to make for dinner every day.

In the app developed by Peppy Pals, families will be given the opportunity to choose recipes that are adapted after different food preferences, such as vegetarian or pescetarian. Through various games, Peppy Pals’ beloved animal friends will encourage kids to help out with the shopping as well as cooking at home. The app will also use the latest AR technology that makes the experience even more fun and engaging for kids.

Since 2014, Peppy Pals has been in the forefront of creating innovative and playful apps teaching kids social and emotional intelligence. By using their existing line of apps, kids learn to label emotions, collaborate with others and increase their self-esteem through play. In turn, when kids participate in shopping and cooking together, their self-esteem and the desire to explore new tastes and dishes are enhanced.

At Peppy Pals, we want kids to grow up feeling healthy and happy – both in body and mind. That’s one of the reasons we’re extremely proud to partner with Coop as they care about families’ health just as much as we do. Apart from making food joyful for kids, we also want to increase opportunities for quality time between kids and parents.

Paulina Olsson, CEO at Peppy Pals

The app will be launched in selected Swedish stores in April. More details and information about the app will follow.

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