How can I teach my child to share?

It is common for children (especially between ages 3-6) to be reluctant to share.

It’s not until around the age of 7, when children learn that sharing is expected and regarded as a nice gesture. Children learn this through social situations and interactions with you, family members and other friends and families.

As parents, you are role models and can show your child how you share.

Make your child aware of you sharing as you are doing it. Pair it with commentary such as: “I’m sharing my book with others so they can be as happy reading it as I was. You like this book, why don’t you share it with others and spread the joy of reading it too?” Repeat the act of sharing and make your child aware of you doing it, or even when others are sharing their things! Repetition helps children understand and learn. 

Watch a movie together

In the Peppy Pals’ scenario Kelly brings the wrong lunch box, Reggy the dog notices that Kelly’s lunch box is empty. Reggy shares their food which makes Kelly happy. Reggy becomes a role model for Izzy the owl, who then also wants to share their food, resulting in a splendid food party for all three friends. 

By watching the movie, reading the book or playing the game Kelly brings the wrong lunch box, you and your child will be able to discuss and discover how happy you and others might be from sharing

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