My child does not like to be criticised. What can I do?

Most of us dislike negative criticism. Some even emphasis that it is better to reward positive behavior than to give negative criticism as children tend to continue behavior that secures attention.

Let’s start with you as the parent. Is there anything you could also change in your behaviour? Should you try and balance out the amount of times you tell off or encourage your child? In what way is your child criticized?

Try and not criticize things that cannot be changed, rather encourage something they can improve or work harder at. Instead of saying “You’ve made your room messy again”, a constructive way of saying this could be “I see that you have left all toys on the floor again. This makes me disappointed. I would appreciate if you tried putting them away next time.” Later when you see an improvement of this behaviour, make sure to give your children compliments. Also, do show that you’re also able to handle criticism, be a role model!

Watch a movie together

In the Peppy Pals scenario One, two, three, jump! Reggy the dog, Kelly the cat, and Gabby the rabbit are doing tricks by the water. The crabs who act as judges are not satisfied with their performance and criticize the friends. Even though Reggy is disappointed, the friends still wants to get better and tries different kinds of tricks until they manage to get good points from the crabs. 

By watching the movie, reading the book or playing the game One, two, three, jump!, you and your child will be able to discuss how to manage criticism and what you can do when you receive it.

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