Our history

Peppy Pals was founded in Sweden by Rosie Linder, an economist and mother of two children. Being a parent, she came to realize that children need to be given the opportunity to practice social and emotional skills just as they need to practice math and language skills. This is key to a better understanding and awareness of their own and others’ emotions and to build healthy relationships. But how can you teach a four-year-old about empathy? Rosie searched far and wide for playful tools which could create a bridge between children and parents to talk about these important skills. She was left underwhelmed with the results.

At the same time, she could see the power and influence that video and computer games held over her children, and thought, “Why can’t we use this power for something more meaningful than creating more gender stereotypical and superficial games?”

Rosie decided to take the step into the entrepreneurial world and create the products she herself had lacked. In 2013, Peppy Pals was formed!

Our vision

To inspire kindness and empathy in every child.

Our ambition is to equip, strengthen and nurture children’s social and emotional intelligence. It’s our belief that every child has the right to play, and grow up in a world where kindness and compassion are held in just as high esteem as an academic education.

Our values







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