In the apps, children get to play and learn with five cozy animal friends through a variety of engaging, fun stories. In each story, the characters will encounter relatable, everyday events  that deal with different social situations. How can you work together to solve a problem? Why should you share? What can you do if someone gets upset?

Peppy Pals Social Skills

Peppy Pals Beach

Peppy Pals Farm

Reggy’s Play Date

Peppy Pals School

Sammy Helps Out

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Playful learning

In Peppy Pal’s world, there are no right or wrongs. Instead the children are exposed to a variety of emotions and decisions and, not least, the consequences of the characters’ varied choices. Playful learning is central to us and we use humor and quirkiness to encourage the children to want to learn more by their own accord.

For each scenario, there are supplementary questions that you as a parent can utilise to spark a conversation with your child. Our games are completely language free. Instead, the focus is predominantly on the characters’ body language and facial expressions.

The games have also proven to be useful for children with NPS as we do not use either score stress or leveling and allow all children to go through a story at their own pace.

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