Peppy Agency

Peppy agency is here to help your brand. We are experts in digital play and learning for children the purpose of creating meaningful experiences for the little ones.

We love to collaborate with other creative and innovative companies that have families with children as their primary customers.

We can help with everything from idea generation, concept development, game development, animations to simpler graphics such as puzzle, books or coloring pictures.


Example of clients

Augmented Reality (AR) game

Together with Coop, we have created an augmented reality (AR) game where our characters make everyday food shopping more enjoyable for the whole family through an exciting recipe hunt led by Peppy Pal’s animal friends.

Learning folder

The Swedish airline BRA Flyg hired Peppy Pals to create an engaging learning folder about the environment and emotions. Our team was in charge for the entire process; from idea generation, content creation to production. 

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