Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 

EQ, Emotional Quotient, is about our ability to understand, manage, and respond to our own and others' emotions.

Our method

EQ is a superpower

  • Increases children's self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Prevents mental health issues 
  • Counters bullying
  • Develops impulse control
  • Improves conflict resolution skills 
  • Helps cope with stress
  • Develops and maintains healthy relationships
  • Lays the foundation for success in life

What do the children say?

"I like Peppy Pals because they help each other, that they comfort & cooperate."

β€œI like Peppy Pals because they are all friends!”

"I helped my little sister up the slide when she couldn't do it herself." - Ronja, 5 and a half years.

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About Peppy Pals

Our ambition is to equip, empower, and nurture children's social and emotional intelligence. Every child has the right to play and grow up in a world where kindness and compassion are just as important as academic education.

Playful learning

Play is a powerful tool for children's development and is at the center of our app. Children learn best when it's fun and enjoyable.

Developed with children. Reviewed by psychologist Bodil Wennberg. Aligned with a research-based standard for EQ.

Encourages conversations about emotions and relationships. Simple questions support you in talking with your child.

Children relate to our stories and characters, helping them to see themselves in the scenarios. How can they comfort a friend? Why is sharing important?

Anchored in research

Creates conversation

Relatable scenarios

It is no doubt that there is a great need for EQ (Emotional Intelligence) for children, both at home and in school. Every year, 60,000 children in Sweden are subjected to bullying and one of the reasons is the lack of empathy. A study from the University of Michigan shows that over the past 30 years, we have become 40% less empathetic. This is a dreadful trend that we want to change. Studies also show that children who practice EQ from an early age perform up to 11 percentage points better in school. It is not surprising that both the World Economic Forum and the OECD have designated EQ as one of the most important skills for children.

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The Peppy Pals app is available on the App Store and on Google Play. 


39 SEK/month

Download the app and register to access the safe and fun world of Peppy Pals to help your child develop their emotional intelligence.


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support@peppypals.com if you have any questions!

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About EQ

About EQ

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I highly recommend Peppy Pals. I think they fulfill a function that has been completely missing in the market before. There are many nice educational apps with, for example, numbers, letters, and colors, but I haven't seen any other that is based on emotions and empathy.
- Hanna Douglas