Our method

We equip children and parents with the tools to develop social and emotional skills and start conversations about emotions and relationships. All our products are developed with children. We place a primary focus on creating from the children’s perspective. We then anchor the stories with psychologists and align it with a research-based standard for SEL called CASEL.

Play-based learning
Play is a powerful tool for children's development and central to all our products. Kids learn best when having fun.
Anchored in research
Developed with children. Reviewed by psychologists. Aligned with a research-based standard for SEL.
Sparks conversations
Simple yet powerful questions open up healthy conversations with your child about feelings and social skills
Relatable to real life
Children recognize parts of themselves in the stories and characters. How can I comfort a friend? Why should I share?

The power of play

We know the importance of early learning, and believe there are many different ways for children to learn important social and emotional skills. Studies show that children learn from seeing their parents and friends interact with each other, by seeing characters interact in games, movies and books, and then put the same behavior in to practice when they play themselves.

Play can have a huge impact on the development of children. Studies from UNICEF and LEGO show that play is one of the most effective ways for children to learn new skills. Children use play and fairy tales as a way to process and relate to events in real life and thus better understand their experiences and feelings.

An overview of SEL

Our stories are based on the five pillars of SEL; self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills and the ability to make responsible decisions. At Peppy Pals, we use an independent standard for SEL developed by the international organization CASEL.

All of our stories incorporate one or more of these five pillars. In this way, we can ensure that our material takes a holistic approach to SEL so that your child can enjoy all the magical skills that SEL entails. Below you can see what skills that are included within the story “Izzy Can’t Choose.”

Different stories, different skills

Are you curious to learn more about what skills each story uses? Create a free account on the digital platform “Peppy Pals School”. There is more information and guidance that all adults can access.

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