Pretty soon, my 2-year old daughter had found the part in Peppy Pals Beach where you guess the animals’ different facial expressions, her favorite!  I explained the meaning of each emotion that showed up on the screen. We then practiced and mimicked the emotions in a playful way with own facial expressions

Tanja Novotni Golubic

I got a very good response from my sons playing Peppy Pals. They love the animals, they can identify with them and easily put themselves in their shoes. During the course of the game and even afterwards we had long discussions about things that we normally never talk about in our family!

Hanna Douglas

I really recommend Peppy Pals as I think it serves a purpose and fills a gap on the market. There are a lot of educational apps teaching kids about numbers, letters or colors but I haven’t seen one that teaches empathy and feelings.

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