Why games?

At Peppy Pals we use the power of games to create meaningful experiences. We invest in quality screen time and invite children to practice their social and emotional skills through play. With the help of visual stories children form concrete lessons that they can put to use in their everyday lives.

Our games are designed as short and calm narratives that make it easy for you and your child to switch between the game on the screen and your conversation on the couch. Each story encourages conversations about the animals’ feelings and what really happened in the game before returning to Peppy Pals’ digital world and starting the next story together.

Good and bad screentime

Screen time for children is a hot topic today. Since the inception of Peppy Pals, screen time has been an important issue for us where we take active responsibility.

As a parent, we always recommend that you ask yourself some control questions before placing your child in front of the screen. Just as you do when choosing which book you and your child should read together.

  • Does the app have content that you feel comfortable with and are happy for your child to interact with?
  • Are there opportunities for you as parents to participate?

What does research say?

Studies show that there are many positive aspects of using interactive media such as games or movies. For example, it can lead to deeper learning and provide stronger memory images for children., Regardless, it is imperative to interact with qualitative content and to the right extent.

General advice says that children under two years should preferably not have any, or very limited screen time. Peppy Pal’s apps and movies are adapted for children over two years.

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