Often, we forget who we are and we try to be something for somebody or something for a company, forget who we are and dissolve to be what they want us to be. We try to be perfect, and we fail.

For me perfect is non-existent or it doesn’t last. Perfect is temporary, you can only be perfect for a partner for a certain time, you can only have a perfect boss or be a perfect employee for a certain time.

Your perfection is limited. Your perfection expires.

For me, I embrace my imperfections, I wasn’t built perfect and will never be perfect for anybody or anything. But what I strive to do everyday is to be the best I can be, to do the best I can do, and evolve into the best of me.

That’s why I am writing this article on this fantastic blog and I am part of a revolution into helping kids become the best they can, without being right or wrong. I found a family, I found a person, called Rosie Linder, (or she found me in fact) who saw me when I was invisible, took me in with all my imperfections, accepted me as I am. She only asked if I do what I do with all my heart. That’s how I become the best of me. She helps me bring the best of me, and the best of me reflects everything I do at Peppy Pals.

You see, it boils down to being true to your values and knowing what you want. You may not know what you are capable of until you find your own ‘Rosie’s to flower you with love and provide you with a platform that makes you grow your potential, and shine eternally.

I am thankful for her to take me in and let me part of her beautiful journey. I strongly believe that she saw in me what many don’t and I hope I never fail her thoughts.

Thank you Rosie!

Maral (Peppy Pals Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager).