Peppy Pals beach gets a huge summer update. We have been working night and day to fine tune interactions and add some more interactions

We have implemented the following functions to the game:
• In the solo scenarios, the shelf opens automatically after an item has been used.
• There’s now paint bucket, spray can and paint brush tools in the free-hand coloring game.
• Added zoom-in function and panning to both painting mini-games.
• When you hold your finger on the screen in any scene (solo character scenarios, story scenarios and facematch mini-game) with a character, the characters will look at your finger as you move it around.
• Sound and animation feedback when manipulation faces in the facematching mini-game (general feedback and special responses to certain expressions).
• Added support for swiping/dragging the shelf in the solo character scenarios.
• Added a visual effect to unlocking new scenarios on the map screen (it appears as you leave/complete a scenario).
• In the facematching mini-game, improved the system for manipulating animals’ hair and ears, and added sound feedback to this.
• Added options in the parental settings to remove popups.
• Added multi-touch support (can press several characters/objects simultaneously) in the facematch mini-game as well as the scene where all characters are having a water fight.
and we are happy to say that pappas appar  gave the update a spotlight.
Enjoy your summer vacation with your kids and Peppy Pals Beach