Peppy Pals Terms of Service

Peppy Pals AB (“Peppy Pals”) [2018-03-22].
The Terms of Service herunder apply to all users of Peppy Pals EQ-platform as well as the app Peppy Pals World.

1. General
Peppy Pals EQ-platform is a service is a service that gives you access as users to use and stream the educational material available at the point of time on Peppy Pals website, EQ-platform and app (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”). These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between you as an individual, legal person, other organization or association and Peppy Pals’ current use of the Service. To access the Service, you are required to agree to comply with these Terms of Service. By activating your account in the Service, you agree to the Terms of Service.

2. Agreeing to our terms
To accept these Terms of Service, you have to have the right to enter into a binding agreement with us and not be prevented from doing so under any applicable laws and you must be at least 18 years old.
If you are accepting the Terms of Service on behalf of a corporation or other entity, you represent and warrant that you have the necessary right and authority to enter into these of use on behalf such corporation or entity and to bind such corporation or entity to these Terms of Service.

3. Registering an account
To access the content of the Service, you must register and create a user account. You are responsible for providing accurate information about yourself, and for not providing others access to your login details or password. Registering a user account is only possible with a valid email address.

4. Technical conditions for using the Service
The Service requires an internet connection, due to a streaming solution and that the Service is available on the Peppy Pals website. If you want to use the Service via your tablet or smartphone, you need to download the Peppy Pals app available on the App Store. Peppy Pals app requires the user’s device to have iOS 8.1 (or later).

Peppy Pals is not responsible for errors and / or delays due to your lack of equipment, software and / or internet capacity to use the Service. Peppy Pals reserves the right to change the technical conditions from time to time.

5. Price and payment
For current price information, see Peppy Pals website. The stated prices are including applicable VAT rate when sold to individuals. However, please note that the prices for products and services provided to schools and corporations are excluding applicable VAT rate. In addition to costs under this section (5), there might be additional costs with for instance data traffic charges that you pay to your provider/operator, which is managed between you and your provider/operator. This is outside the scope of these Terms of Service.

You pay when you create your account in the Service and/or in the renewal of the Subscription Service. Payment can be made by card (card accepted: Visa, Mastercard), with a discount code or via the App Store’s separate payment solution.

6. Changes in price or Terms of Service for the Service
Peppy Pals reserves the right to change the Terms of Service of the Service, including these terms of use and during a promotional period, if necessary due to material changes in circumstances, changes in the production, acquisition or other costs of the Service or due to other acceptable reasons. Changed terms must be notified by email or a message in the Service and may also be published on the Service website. Changes that are of obvious benefit to you as a user do not need to be notified to you and may begin immediately, and from the coming period. If you do not accept changes under this section, you can not continue to use the Service.

7. Termination
If you violate these Terms of Servie, Peppy Pals has the right to immediately terminate you from the Service, thus discontinuing the ability to access content and educational materials that you have purchased.

8. Refund Policy
You are entitled to undo your purchase and receive full refund within fourteen (14) days from the date you paid for the service. However, if you start using the Service during the cancellation period, you agree that: (i) the content of the Service is delivered during the cancellation period; and (ii) your right of withdrawal is deemed to be forfeited in relation to the Service as a result of the delivery commencing, which means that you will not be able to regret your purchase even if the withdrawal period has not expired.

To make use of the cancellation deadline, please contact Peppy Pals Customer Service for contact details, see item 15 below, before the expiry of the withdrawal deadline.

9. Complaint
If the Service you have purchased does not work, or if you encounter other errors in the Service, please contact Peppy Pals Customer Service and make a complaint, for contact details see item 15 below. A complaint can also be made after the expiry of the expiration date.

10. Peppy Pals commitments and rights
Peppy Pals provides the Service in its current state. The user agrees that the content of the Service and Service features may be changed at any time without notice. Peppy Pals strives to offer its users as wide a range of content as possible, but does not guarantee that content you request is available at any time, as content is updated on a regular basis.

Peppy Pals owns the right to communicate with you through the Service, Email, Phone, or Mail regarding offers, changes or anything related to Peppy Pals services.

The Service is available 24 hours a day. Peppy Pals, however, does not warrant that the Service is always free from errors or interruptions. Peppy Pals is not responsible for not being able to access the Service due to circumstances beyond Peppy Pals’ control (eg due to overload, network and or other communication errors or malfunctioning of you as a user or error in your equipment). In case of failure or interruption of the Service, Peppy Pals shall be given the opportunity to rectify these without any breach of contract. Peppy Pals also has the right to, to a reasonable extent, turn off the Service for, for example, upgrades and service.

11. Use of the Service and User Responsibilities
All content provided through the Service is owned by Peppy Pals or Peppy Pals content providers and protected by copyright. By purchasing the Service, you receive a non-exclusive, limited license to the content that applies during your subscription period (unless otherwise specified) in accordance with these Terms of Service. These Terms of Service do not imply that the ownership or other intellectual property rights of the content of the Service are transferred to you or to anyone else.

You undertake to not in any way override the technical limitations that are intended to limit the ability to copy content in the Service or disseminate content of the Service through, for example, sales or rental.

You may not otherwise use the Service in a manner that violates these Terms of Service or for any illegal purpose. Nor do you encourage anyone else for any use that is contrary to law or these terms of use. You are responsible for ensuring that the email address you entered is correct and current as the majority of the communication regarding your use of the Service and your purchases will be via email.

As a User of the Service, you are responsible for ensuring that, in your possible reviews/tips, you comply with applicable laws and do not use words or phrases that may be perceived as discriminatory, or offensive in forums that may be associated with the Service or Peppy Pals. If you suspect that unauthorized use is made by your user account, you should immediately notify Peppy Pals of this and change your password. Peppy Pals has the right to immediately block your access to the Service in case Peppy Pals has reason to suspect that your account is being abused.

12. File Protection
All copying and unauthorized diversification of content on the Service is prohibited. You are responsible for ensuring that such material is not disseminated to others as provided for in paragraph 11 above.

13. Personal data and cookies
Through your use of the Service and the confirmation of these Terms of Service, you agree to the processing of personal data and that cookies are stored in accordance with Peppy Pals Privacy Policy.

14. Applicable legislation
These Terms of Service shall be interpreted and governed in accordance with Swedish law. These terms do not limit the consumer protection rights that you may be subject to in accordance with current and enforcing legislation in the country of residence. Should any provision of these Terms of Service be deemed to be invalid or impossible to effect, that provision shall in no way affect the ability to enforce the other provisions of these Terms of Service and the application of that provision shall be enforced to the extent permitted by applicable law, provided that these Terms of Service will not be unreasonably unbalanced as a consequence.

If a dispute arises between Peppy Pals and you, the parties will first try to resolve the dispute by mutual agreement. If the parties cannot agree, the dispute shall be settled in Swedish court.

15. Contact
It is Peppy Pals AB, a Swedish limited company, (corporate identity number: 556854-8837), with its registered office in Stockholm County, Danderyds Municipality, VAT No: SE556854883701 with registered address Herrgårdsvägen 31B, 182 39, Danderyd, which supplies the Service. To get in touch with Peppy Pals, email [email protected] or send a letter to: Peppy Pals AB, Herrgårdsvägen 31B, 182 39, Danderyd, Sweden.